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'Tis the Season for Corporate Gifts

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

It's that time of year again, the giving season is almost upon us. If you're a business owner, it is time to start planning this year's corporate gifts. When deciding on what to purchase and how to present it, don't let the stress of gift giving take a back seat to promoting your business.

To help in this process we have put together a few corporate gifting reminders to keep in the back of your head this Holiday Season.

1. Cost - Cost is a huge determining factor in what kind of gift your business presents to its clients. Spend too little and risk coming off as cheap and cheesy, spend too much and it could come across as showy. The best thing to do it set a budget of the maximum you want to spend per gift. This way, during your search it will be easier to seek out well-made, unique items without breaking the bank.

2.Enlist the Help of a Local Gifting Company - While it may seem doable to source, package, and design gift labels and cards for all of your client gifts, it is often easier to work with a company that specializes in all three. Not only will they be able to help you pick out the perfect client gift. Nothing too personal, yet also not too nondescript, a gifting company will be able to package, and design labels and cards for your gift in-house. It saves you the time and stress of doing it yourself and also avoids hidden expenditures such as printing and packaging costs. A gifting company's fee will be all-inclusive to sourcing, packaging and designing your business gifts. At Trade Ideas, we work exclusively with our sister company, Small Batch Gallery + Goods, to provide everything from helping you select a gift, to creating distinguished packaging that will set you apart from other businesses. Give us a call or fill out our specialty gifting inquiry from on

3.Rethink your Logo - We get it, you love your logo! We love ours too. However, a client gift should not feel like an advertisement. While it's important to include your business information and logo in your gift, it shouldn't be the shining star.

4.Presentation is Key -  How the gift is presented is just as special as what is inside. A beautiful bow, a custom gift tag, packaging to reflect your color scheme and brand, you can have it all. We are able to design gifts that wow even before they are unwrapped. It leaves a lasting impression that your business has an unparalleled attention to detail.

5. Keeping the goal in mind - The end goal of giving a corporate gift is to leave your clients feeling appreciated, and wanting to continue doing business with you. Sticking with simple, yet refined gifts is sure to leave the best impression on your corporate clients.

We are here to help you through all of the ins and outs of corporate gifting this holiday season, all while curating the perfect collection of client gifts for you. Contact us today or fill out Small Batch Gallery + Goods' custom gifting inquiry form to start the process!


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