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Making sure you have a logo that reflects your personality and company mission is critical. We get to know our clients before designs are submitted so each piece is unique and personal.

Our design process includes at least three options from which to choose as well as two rounds of revisions. Selected designs are provided in a variety of formats so they are ready for print and digital media. 


Aaahhhh.... for the love of social media. It's how we get all of our information these days. From finding out the latest events to who has what on sale, we are guilty of spending hours online. 

We'll help you make the most of your time by developing branded cover and profile pictures, designing ads and posts, and preparing informative content that is sure to bring your clients back for more. 


Images are a powerful tool in getting more customers to your website and more engagement on your social media, which results in a better bottom line. Studies show that potential customers are more likely to engage with a business that features product and/or team member photos.

However, not just any image will do. With increased competition, your images should represent your business/product in a way that makes you proud. If you're not comfortable using a high quality camera to get images yourself, you should definitely consider outsourcing your photography needs. 


Trade Ideas works with professional photographers to offer head shots, location and product shots as well as event coverage. Contact us to schedule a consultation and determine the package that is right for you! 


An office that reflects your brand/personality brings everything together. We believe that branding doesn't stay with your logo or website alone, but continues throughout your office interior. 

We'll work with you to select paint colors, furniture, art, and other branding elements that will make your space truly unique. 


Event Planning has become one of our core services as it is an integral part of any business, whether you are corporate, retail or non-profit. 

We have produced many successful events over the past few years and are happy to offer a strategic plan to help you on your next venture. We manage vendors and guest lists, select welcome gifts, design advertising campaigns, and can even assist in fundraising efforts. 

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