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Living the Dream and Capturing Every Moment

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

When you see one of your favorite people on earth finally get the missing piece needed to get started on fulfilling a lifelong dream, you could not be happier!

After nearly 40 years of photographing all around the country, Canada, Ireland, Italy and Iceland, John McQuade decided it was time to get a logo and start making a business out of his second passion. His first is being a cardiologist, serving patients in Eastern North Carolina for 45 years before retiring in April 2018.

Those who know Dr. McQuade are aware of his talents as a photographer and appreciate the beauty he finds in the simplest things. That’s why he wanted a logo that was a simple reflection of himself. Featured in either black or white, the logo gets back to his roots as a fine art photographer specializing in black and white photography captured with his Haselblad camera. It serves as a watermark that doesn’t detract from his beautiful images and works well on signage for his gallery located in Small Batch Graphics + Goods.

John McQuade got his first camera when he was 12 and has had a love for photography ever since. His passion for fine art photography grew when he attended a large format black and white workshop with renowned photographer Fred Picker, in Putney, Vermont in 1980. He has attended other workshops, including two with John Sexton, a widely acclaimed black and white photographer, who himself had the opportunity of learning from Ansel Adams.

John continues to master various techniques; moving from developing black and white photographs in the darkroom to creating digital images on the computer. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Diane, their three daughters, and seven grandchildren. John continues to create beautiful images and has recently found an interest in the encaustic process, hand-stitching his own photo journals using a variety of different images on the covers that he treats with several layers of beeswax to create a different spin on the original photograph.


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