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Design Process Highlight - Michelle Salsman Photography

Creating the perfect logo design

Each of the logos we design has a unique background story that helps it come to fruition. Creating the perfect design for our customers is what we love so much about this business. The logo for Michelle Salsman Newborn Photography was so much fun to create, so we are sharing the creative process and story behind this beautiful logo.

Who doesn’t love seeing images of tiny toes, chunky rolls and overall sweetness? We love all things baby and really love the way Michelle captures these little ones so effortlessly. She makes it look so easy when for anyone who’s been part of a photoshoot with a baby, knows that things can get a little crazy every now and then.

When Michelle asked us to help her with developing a new logo for her business, she had a definite idea in mind. Her passion lies within maternity and newborn photography and she wanted something unique to reflect her specialty.

She was able to provide a few websites whose logo she liked; styles, colors, simplicity, etc. A logo with a “sophisticated swirl that resembles a baby curled up, or a mother holding a baby…something not so obvious that it’s so super noticeable unless you look at it again… Something sophisticated and beautiful.”

After a few renditions, we delivered this option that completely won her over. She LOVED it! Within just a couple of days, we saw the logo appear on her social media and on the new sign outside her studio in Downtown New Bern. We are proud to be part of such a wonderful business and encourage anyone looking to capture those special moments with their little ones to give her a call.

“We always like to find out more information about what the client likes; colors, styles, fonts, interests, etc. It's all part of the design process so their logo truly reflects their personality and business model .”

For more sketches of our design process, and other updates follow us on Instagram @trade.ideas


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