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Bear Town Cinema is still the local favorite

Longtime New Bern residents will remember Southgate Cinemas, the “old” movie theater in the heart of town. Several years ago, the opportunity presented itself for Southgate to undergo a major renovation. With the renovation, came an even better opportunity for a total rebrand of the theater.

Southgate became Bear Town Cinema and the theater was re-introduced as the place to see the most recent movies onscreen. Trade Ideas assisted in the development of a new logo (featuring “Bernie,” the teddy bear of our owner’s daughter), exterior signage, interior posters and concession graphics and a comprehensive marketing campaign.

UPDATE: Bear Town Cinema is undergoing another expansion with the addition of 4 more theaters; reserved, luxury seating; and expanded concessions. Trade Ideas is happy to be assisting in the marketing efforts again in 2018-2019.




Exterior Signage



"Shannon has been a friend of ours for a long time, so it was a natural fit to have her assist us with this project. We have been pleased with the creativity her firm is able to bring to the table. Always professional and always willing to provide a creative solution." ~ Mark Hartman, Owner, Bear Town Cinema


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