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Good things come in Small Batches!

This logo happens to be one of our favorites because it belongs to our sister shop, Small Batch Graphics + Goods, located right next to our design offices in Downtown New Bern.

Trade Ideas moved from a home office to “home away from home office” in May 2017. We LOVE our new space and opening a shop filled with artisan goods has always been our owner’s dream. With a delightful group of existing clients who often request assistance with corporate gifting, the extra space in the office leant itself well to showcasing a variety of gift options.

What came next is a result of a true passion to feature talented artists and makers, to curate a collection of amazing goods and to genuinely make a difference in this world. We had space to fill with goods, so why not let everyone in on our secret? Small Batch Graphics + Goods quickly became more than a showroom for existing clients to preview items, it became a successful retail shop for residents and tourists alike who are looking for artisan gifts and home goods that are made in the USA. Our goods are very organic, thoughtfully crafted and perfect for even the most discerning shopper.

In addition, it is home to John McQuade Photography, a beautiful collection of fine art photography from around the world. John McQuade is our in-house photographer, beloved local doctor and happens to also be the father of our owner. Thank goodness we think his work is stellar and we’re proud to show off this amazing art!

Small Batch is now offering specialty gifting for wedding, client and social gifting. You can visit online to preview the House Collections, but customized options are also available.


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