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Fish Stixx... no they're not for dinner...

When you see this logo, do you think of getting out on the water? Feel like fishing? We thought so! That’s exactly what we had in mind when designing this logo for our friends in Morehead City, NC.

Fish Stixx outriggers are made for the active fishing industry whether it’s commercial, sport or leisure. We wanted to design something fun that could be easily identified and would look good on a sticker that any outdoor enthusiast would like, not just avid fishermen. We think we nailed it! We’ve seen this logo on a lot of cars on our way to the beach and are happy to know that this group is enjoying lots of happy customers!

Fish Stixx Removable Stowable Outrigger fits in Standard Rod Holder and all components are made of marine grade, anodized pipe, no thin walled tubing. No moving parts to corrode in saltwater environment. 8’ Beam boat reaches a spread of approximately 20’. 106″ Overall length of each rigger. 79″ spread covering board 30° rod holder. 29° angle when deployed. Welled rod holder with rubber insert and welded 90° gimble. The 90° gimble allows for easy deployment and storage while running. Telescoping for easy shipping and easy storage. Made in the USA.


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