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F3 New Bern shows it's face

What to do for a group of fitness fanatics living in New Bern who want to sport their own logo on athletic apparel? Design one they love!

After starting in North Carolina, F3 is going national with over one thousand individual groups found in a handful of states. These New Bern boys wanted a badass logo that shows just how tough they really are. I mean, they wade through the river at 5:00 in the morning to do workouts carrying cinder blocks. That’s tough!

The regional logo should represent your region, area of operations, race team, or event. It must be clean and avoid photo-realistic images. So…this logo features the New Bern bear in a way no one has ever seen. He’s tough, lean and shredded, just like the guys of F3 New Bern. The icon works on approved apparel printed as one color, either white or black. It also looks pretty cool as a car sticker or magnet.


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