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Don't Forget Something Blue...

City of Havelock gets a makeover and we love it!

Our first completed job as Trade Ideas was the Havelock History exhibit at The Havelock Tourist & Event Center. Needless to say, we’ve held a special place in our hearts for this City and are proud to have them as such an important part of our portfolio.

The Tourist & Event Center did not have their own logo when we were asked to work on their branding campaign several years ago. We had a blank canvas and knew we’d be able to design something that reflects some of their most important elements.

Many people know that MCAS Cherry Point is based in Havelock, so the Sound of Freedom is an integral part of its residents. The city is growing and must be open to an ever-changing environment, so we wanted the logo to be fluid, to look patriotic without sacrificing its own look and feel, and to incorporate some of the aircraft that can be identified by civilians from the ground.

With an approved logo, we could move forward with a complete branding campaign that included a new website, stationery package, social media, billboard, advertising and building signage. We have continued to provide graphic and web design ever since and appreciate this ongoing partnership.



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