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Ask the Shoe Guy!

Starting a new business can be quite the challenge, but Todd Whisnant chose Trade Ideas to make the process go smoothly. Todd has been part of the shoe industry for 30 years and, after 18 years as Managing Partner of The Athlete’s Foot stores in both New Bern and Morehead, decided to open his own store. He’s passionate about fitting customers with the perfect shoes to fit both the foot and the sport. Now, Coastal Sole is the place where he does just that.

We spoke with Todd about his vision and goals for his new company to get a feeling for the style of the new store and the image it aimed to present. A lively and creatively playful logo was soon created that immediately allowed Coastal Sole to stand out amid other national and local chain stores.

Along with a fun logo, our team designed and created a website to give current and potential customers information about what to expect when coming in to be fitted for a shoe and the brands available. The site also offers helpful blogs on the importance of the right shoe for the right sport and how the fit of a shoe can make a huge difference in athlete performance.

Shopping for the appropriate shoe can be overwhelming for someone attempting a new sport or activity, but Coastal Sole can help. Give Todd a just a few minutes and he can easily help fit any customer with the proper performance shoes.




Store Design

"Trade Ideas has been a pleasure to work with on everything from our logo and website design to the look of our store. Shannon and her team were able to take our ideas and turn them into a logo we are especially proud of. Everyone from our customers to our vendors has made numerous positive comments about the look of our logo and its marketability." ~Todd Whisnant, Owner


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